Department of English

At the Department of English, we proudly offer a variety of courses on English language, linguistics and literature. Fall 2020 witnessed our first intake of BS English Programme and we intend to comprehensively roll out MPhil and PhD programmes in both disciplines of Literature and Linguistics during the incoming sessions. The faculty of English is eminent for being foreign qualified and also for their excellence in teaching and research. Offering courses and degrees in English Literature, Linguistics and Language is, though, not a new phenomenon in Pakistan, but here at QAU, this is for the very first time that English department has emerged, on academic strata, as the most famed center of excellence for the research, criticism, teaching and study.

English is one of the mostly admired degree subjects in the subcontinent including Pakistan and above all, students value it as enormously engaging, interesting and intellectually fulfilling. It helps students to acquire such skills and intellectual traits which are widely sought after by top ranked employers of both public and private sectors. Having a resource of great English faculties, we care very much about attracting the brightest students from any background and from anywhere across Pakistan. The course we offer define our vision. Early innovations being introduced by our faculty continue to shape our teaching. Our academics are committed teachers who are eager to encourage and direct your study. We are unique in offering a serene balance of courses on English language, linguistics and literature for our BS English degree programme.

Located in the Social Sciences Block - II of Quaid-i-Azam University, the Department of English marks 2011 as a departing point when it enrolled its first batch of students for MSc degree programme in Linguistics. The year 2020, despite having witnessed a dive down trend in academic activities across the globe due to COVID-19 pandemic, promised us an unprecedented growth and accomplishment in terms of our renewed status as a full-fledged Department of English. We have also enriched our resource center (Library) with a massive collection of material on English language, linguistics and literature. The Library is ideal for in-depth resources for research, and there are ample spaces perfect for private study. Many of its collections can also be accessed online. We run tours throughout the year and subject specific research skills classes to help you navigate the collections.